November 18, 2014

I want to apologize for my sad, unused blog! Full time job + 18 month old baby = shifted priorities! Anyway, more on that later!

In October I was honored to photograph Carolyn and Daniel’s wedding at the Missouri History Museum. As you look back at recent blog posts, you may recognize Carolyn as the 4th out of 4 Chao sisters whose weddings I’ve photographed. Crazy! These Chao people are good folks, and I will miss shooting a wedding for them every couple of months! I look forward to capturing memories of lots of grandchildren :)

As I write this blog it is currently 15 degrees (on November 18th), and I’m looking back with fond memories to this beautiful fall day :) I enjoyed watching Carolyn have a moment with her grandmother (who personally sewed the straps on her wedding gown), see her future husband for the first time, and especially enjoyed the random fireworks display that popped up at the end of the evening!

Teasleys, I hope you enjoy your wedding photos :)


Ceremony + Reception: MO History Museum

Floral Design: Thorn Studio