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May 17, 2015

This will be the longest blog post I’ve ever created, and deservedly so! Nicole and I met back in 2009, when I photographed her pajama-clad family on the day after Christmas for a fun photo shoot. Turned out Nicole was a photography student…and I was looking for an assistant to help me with my fast-growing business! She made a fabulous assistant–at each wedding I could look to her for support–whether it be important gossip regarding who’s mother disliked who, or for my end-of-the-night plate of wedding desserts. I have always been able to count on her!

Since Ellie arrived 2 years ago, I’ve pulled back from the wedding side of things…but when Nikki asked me to shoot her wedding in Cancun…there wasn’t any way I could say no! So Griff and I brushed off our passports, left Elliott for the first time, and hopped a plane to Mexico!

I’m not sure if a family could be any more fun than the Caleo’s. They were so accommodating (I felt guilty if I DIDN’T have a Miami Vice in hand), that the weekend didn’t feel too much like work. After we settled in, I was able to capture some engagement photos, some family pics, and some shots of the rehearsal dinner…

The Hard Rock Hotel Cancun was an amazing venue for a wedding weekend. The day of the wedding couldn’t have been more gorgeous. There was no shortage of beautiful backgrounds for the wedding photos. Nikki and Don’s roof-top reception was laid-back, with yummy food and fun dancing. The day flew by…and the night ended with an amazing show by a troupe of fire-dancers…so cool!!!

After some recovery time the next day, we had some fun with trashing “A” dress…not “The” dress. No way was Nikki soaking her gorgeous wedding gown…so she bought a cute, cheap white dress and trashed that one instead!


Nikki and Don…and the Caleos…thank you so much for bringing us along to capture your wedding weekend. It was surreal and a blast, and I hope you love your images. Love you Nicole!!!

December 22, 2014

This Christmas, one of my “gifts” to my husband, Griffin, was to show off some of his AMAZING work to everyone! It can be hard for me to put into words what he means to our family, but his dedication to making our house beautiful is just one of the many reasons why I love him. Starting back before Elliott was born, he started working on the basement bathroom. He hired someone to finish the plumbing, but everything else was done with his own two hands. We chose to paint the room Sherwin Williams “Softened Green”, which I think makes it feel very spa-like. The tile is just gorgeous, and I’m in love with our rustic-looking wood-tile floors. I think my favorite part of the bathroom is the oval-shaped mirror over the vanity back-splash.

The best view in the bathroom is from the jacuzzi tub. I’ve spent a few nights here with a glass of wine catching up on Project Runway :)

Next comes Griffin’s favorite room in the house. While he worked hard on the bathroom, he really put his heart into the bar. He is, after all, a craft-beer aficionado. We carried the wood tile from the bathroom out into the bar. Griff took the pre-finished cabinets from Home Depot and customized them. He’d been saving a slab of butcher block for years, hoping to find the right place for it. It looks perfect as the bar-top. The Schlafly bottle cap backsplash is a nod to his favorite local brewery. We look forward to spending many nights entertaining friends in our very own basement pub :)

Merry Christmas! Let us know if you ever want to come have a drink :)

Right before Christmas I shot Jenny + Matt’s wedding, the 2nd in the series of Chao sister weddings I will have the pleasure of photographing. It was a drizzly, blustery December day…not very conducive for outdoor portraits. We did what we could and grabbed some pretty images of this gorgeously dressed couple and their pinterest-worthy bridal party :) Forgetting about the weather, it was a lovely day filled with love and family. The ceremony and reception were both held at Moulin (which you may be familiar with if you’ve ever eaten at Vin de Set or PW pizza). Our day was made when we got to sample some of PW’s finest pizzas for dinner rather than eating a cold vendor meal. Shout out to Ann at Moulin for that treat!

Anywho…enjoy the images of this beautiful winter wedding! LOVED Jenny’s dress!!!!


Ceremony + Reception: Moulin Event Space
Florist: Thorn Studio

October 29, 2013

Tomorrow I return to work after a 5 month maternity leave. For the last week I’ve been alternating between weeping with sadness and cursing the fact that I am required to work. I mean, isn’t it true in Canada that women are allowed to take a year off in order to remain home with their bundle of joy? While I know that it will be good for the adult in me to rejoin the work force, I can’t help but wonder what life would be like if I could stay home permanently with my sweet baby.

When Elliott was born at the end of May, our lives were changed forever. The first few weeks (okay, months) were really hard…with struggling to keep up with breastfeeding, learning to exist on only a few hours of sleep per day, losing my pre-baby body, and adding a whole-new level of stress worrying about a tiny creature you are responsible for. All those difficulties were balanced with the sheer joy of having this amazing itty-bitty human to wake up to every day. Even after nights of no sleep…when I go into her room and her face lights up when she sees me…that’s IT. That’s pretty much all I need to exist.

I do feel so lucky that the timing of Ellie’s birth allowed me to stay home with her for 5 months. There aren’t a lot of moms that get that luxury. But gosh, it just doesn’t feel like long enough. Today, when I called my husband in tears, he reminded me that soon it will be Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, and then Spring Break…and maybe even a few snow days thrown in the mix. That did make me feel a bit better.

I really don’t know what the point is in all this rambling is. I started off thinking that I would write a letter to Elliott professing what the last 5 months have meant to me…but it’s so hard to come up with the words. I love you, sweet baby girl, and those 8 hours away from you each day are going to be torturous. I’ll end with a quote (I’m not much of a quote person, but I love this one!)

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
―Dr. Suess

(above image by Megan Thiele Studios)

May 14, 2013

Wow…it’s been almost 5 MONTHS since  I blogged. As all of my clients and friends know, I am having a baby. And this baby is arriving, very, VERY soon! In fact, she’s due 2 weeks from today! We are beyond excited. My focus has definitely shifted at this time away from photography and onto BABY, BABY, BABY. Don’t worry…I plan on resuming shooting this fall with family sessions and even a few weddings.

While I’ve been spending a lot of time getting ready emotionally for the arrival of our little girl, I also put a lot of effort into her headquarters :) I had SO much fun decorating her nursery, pinning idea after idea until I had a concrete vision of what I wanted. It all came together even better than I hoped, especially with the help of my hubby, who is amazing at implementing my ideas, and my friend Megan, who once again blew me away with her domestic abilities (she made my crib bedding!)

I hope you enjoy checking out our creation…and hopefully in a few weeks I will have photos to share of our little bundle of joy!

Presenting….Elliott’s Cobalt and Coral Nursery! (Scroll down if interested in where different items were purchased!)

Elliotsnursery Elliottsnursery-2 Elliottsnursery-3 Elliottsnursery-4 Elliottsnursery-5 Elliottsnursery-8 Elliottsnursery-12 Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-3 Untitled-4 Untitled-5

Nursery colors: Walls: Benjamin Moore’s Champion Cobalt

Changing table and side table: Sherwin Williams Coral Bead

Crib: Jenny Lind Classic Crib from

Chair: Little Castle in Links Gray, purchased at Treasure Rooms in Chesterfield, MO

Ceiling light: Lowe’s

Curtains: Kohl’s

Gold Pouf: HomeGoods score (so much cheaper than anywhere I saw it online!)

Rug: HomeGoods

Doggy Photos: Taken by moi, standouts purchased at

“You’re my Favorite” Print: Etsy seller Wickedpaper

Bedding: Created by Megan, fabric purchased from (creator Stacyiesthsu-floral fabric) (creator Jenniferstuartdesign-coral stripe and gray dots)

Gold planter: Anthropologie

Bookshelves/picture shelves: Created by my hubs

Changing table and side table: repurposed by my hubs as well!

Burlap/fabric bunting: created by me!

Let me know what you think of the nursery!!!