May 17, 2015

This will be the longest blog post I’ve ever created, and deservedly so! Nicole and I met back in 2009, when I photographed her pajama-clad family on the day after Christmas for a fun photo¬†shoot. Turned out Nicole was a photography student…and I was looking for an assistant to help me with my fast-growing business! She made a fabulous assistant–at each wedding I could look to her for support–whether it be important gossip regarding who’s mother disliked who, or for my end-of-the-night plate of wedding desserts. I have always been able to count on her!

Since Ellie arrived 2 years ago, I’ve pulled back from the wedding side of things…but when Nikki asked me to shoot her wedding in Cancun…there wasn’t any way I could say no! So Griff and I¬†brushed off our passports, left Elliott for the first time, and hopped a plane to Mexico!

I’m not sure if a family could be any more fun than the Caleo’s. They were so accommodating (I felt guilty if I DIDN’T have a Miami Vice in hand), that the weekend didn’t feel too much like work. After we settled in, I was able to capture some engagement photos, some family pics, and some shots of the rehearsal dinner…

The Hard Rock Hotel Cancun was an amazing venue for a wedding weekend. The day of the wedding couldn’t have been more gorgeous. There was no shortage of beautiful backgrounds for the wedding photos. Nikki and Don’s roof-top reception was laid-back, with yummy food and fun dancing. The day flew by…and the night ended with an amazing show by a troupe of fire-dancers…so cool!!!

After some recovery time the next day, we had some fun with trashing “A” dress…not “The” dress. No way was Nikki soaking her gorgeous wedding gown…so she bought a cute, cheap white dress and trashed that one instead!


Nikki and Don…and the Caleos…thank you so much for bringing us along to capture your wedding weekend. It was surreal and a blast, and I hope you love your images. Love you Nicole!!!